3 Leather Bags Every Woman Must Own

Premium leather bags have a unique way of helping a woman accentuate her looks by manifolds. Not only do these bags offer a classy appeal, but also prove to be extremely functional! If you too have a penchant for all things elegant, let us take you through 3 varieties of leather bags for women that we believe you ought to have in your wardrobe!   

Premium Leather Tote Bag

An absolute delight, both in terms of the space it offers as well as the fashion statement it helps create, a tote bag is the perfect blend of casual and professional appeals! A premium leather tote bag looks extremely flattering from the outside while ensuring that there are ample pockets and zippers on the inside to help you stay organised – making it ideal for your shopping sprees.

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Premium Leather Satchel Bag

A satchel bag often proves to be the ideal pick, when it comes to enjoying a long day at work. Such a bag will help carry all your essentials like mobile phone, clutch, makeup accessories, and will still have adequate space for some stationery and other important items you may want at your disposal throughout the day. You can even carry some titbits for those mid meals hunger pangs.

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Premium Leather Duffle Bag

If your profession requires you to make day-trips to different towns and cities and keeps you on your toes, for the most part, you might want to invest in a good-looking, high quality leather duffle bag. After all, no other accessory can possibly give you an awe-inspiring professional look as a leather duffle bag.  Not only are these bags fairly light weight and easy to carry, but also ensure that you have just the perfect amount of space you need to comfortably carry all your belongings! The best part? You won’t need to check-in your bag at the airport, making life so much easier and fast-paced!


What do you think of this selection? Wouldn’t you want all of these as a part of your wardrobe? So, wait no more before you browse through Aquaexim’s amazing collection of premium leather accessories and add that much-needed dash of sophistication to your day-to-day life!