7 Trendy Travel Add-ons to be more stylish in 2021!

As the travel restrictions have been lifted now, every wanderlust soul is looking forward to exploring more destinations for travel in 2021. What can you not neglect while travelling? The style element. We all love to click stylish pics when we travel. Here’s a quick overview of some of the best style accessories that can make your travelling clicks viral.

Trendy Leather bags

Leather is such a material that can never go out of trend. If you have been looking for a spacious yet stylish bag for carrying your makeup, medicine, or any other essential, leather bags are a great pick to serve both purposes. Aquaexim has launched a wide variety of leather bags that you will love to pick for travel and styling.

men leather bag42a
ladies purse 02

Evergreen Leather Belts

Well, there is no denying men have very few accessories to rely on when it comes to styling. But you can always invest in stylish leather belts to make a style statement while travelling. Aquaexim offers you customizable genuine leather belts to make you look stylish when travelling.

belt for men 39

Stylish leather clutches

Leather clutches can make a style statement if you choose it right. Aquaexim has launched an impeccable collection of leather clutches for women who love to look stylish. Pick one out of the collection and get it delivered to your doorstep.

clutch bag 16

Elegant Wallets

You cannot miss out on a classy wallet when you are travelling. Leather wallets are imperative when you want to reflect class and suave. Moreover, you can add a sleek leather cardholder to upgrade your style while travelling. Aquaexim has brought you a wide range of leather wallets and cardholders at market-leading prices so that you can get the best quality without compromising the price.

mens wallet 70b
mens wallet 68a

Stylish Satchel Bags

Satchel Bags are just like women’s first love. Women just love to carry satchel bags whenever they are travelling. They need that touch of quirkiness when they are attending those fancy parties. Well, a stunning satchel bag would no doubt make the party evening even more perfect. Aquaexim has an ultimate collection of satchel bags with 100% genuine leather, which is of course what you desire.

ladies purse 18b cowhide ndm
ladies purse 19

Classic Money Clips

Just like a gentleman loves to wear stylish and sober wristwatches; a money clip has a similar liking. No gentleman wants to carry a brick-sized wallet in their pockets from which taking out stuff becomes awkward. So that is why Aquaexim has come up with trendy alternatives to wallets in the form of money clips. Money clips look the perfect alternative to wallets as it’s simple, sober, and easy to be carried.

money clip 6d
money clip 1a 1


Impeccable Card Holders

Cardholders do not take much space and easily gets fit into the pockets; that is why men love to carry cardholders instead of placing all the cards inside their wallets. Cardholders have a magnetic closure, and these are capable of holding at least 15 cards. Cardholders have a stylish and sleek case which is why this has become the modern and elegant choice of men today.

mens wallet 19a
card slot 9c

The Bottom Line

Nothing more can provide you with an edgy look like leather products. Genuine leather accessories can upgrade your wardrobe to a new level of styling. Nothing is more luring than leather products. Carrying leather products while travelling enhances your personality and gives you a stylish look. 

Today Aquaexim is one of the leading manufacturers in the leather industry, offering genuine leather products at the best value. Moreover, we customize the products as per the demands and requirements of our clients. Contact us today to grab most exquisite collection of leather products.