You might want to know!

1. Are all products made of original leather?

Yes, We provide only 100% original leather products.

2. What is the MOQ?

We usually provide only in bulk. The MOQ is 100 pcs, & If you need any customization the MOQ will be 200 pcs.

3. Is physical sample provided?

Yes, We provide a physical sample on request. for more details please contact us.

4. How to find price for products?

You can contact us to get price details by email or by Whatsapp or by contact form.

5. Is customization possible?

yes, We provide full customization of products as per buyer’s requirement like brand logo, name, colour, design, types of leather, sizes etc.

6. Is this a manufacturing company?

Yes, We have two units one for manufacturing and one is for exporting.

7. What are the countries where this company expo

We export worldwide.

8. What is the delivery period?

Usually, 20-25 days depends on order quantity.

9. What is the delivery period for sample?

Within India 6-8 days and outside of India 8-10 days.

10. How is the packaging?

Standard or as per customer’s requirement.

11. Can I use my brand name on individual boxes?


12. Can I make payment by PayPal?