7 Secret Techniques To Improve The Life Of Leather Products

Who does not like leather? I wish you might be keen to know some secret techniques on how to improve leather product life? You are at the right place to get the tip, by the end of this blog, you will get your answers.

Leather jackets, skirts, handy bags, and shoes are always on-trend, girls just love leather skirts and find a way to rescue themselves from mild winter too. But you also must know that leather products need high maintenance, as it is delicate depending upon its quality.

Let’s move on to the techniques to improve leather products:

  • AVOIDING STAINS ON LEATHER – the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that avoid getting stains on the leather skin as it is delicate and porous, can absorb the stain, and is going to get hard to get rid of it. Even if you got a little spill, you need to get it away as soon as possible. Be prepared beforehand, avoid areas from where you think you can get a stain, and keep a small piece of cloth along with you, just in case something happens.
  • CLEANING AND CONDITIONING OF LEATHER – this task seems a little difficult, but if you want to save your leather, you need to perform this too. For cleaning, you can use the leather brush and just wipe off the dirt away. Don’t worry, it won’t damage your jacket or skirt, its brush strings are very soft. You can also a little soap and water if you think it needs to be extra cleaned. For conditioning, go for a leather conditioner as it helps to give a smooth texture and  shine to leather, works well on jackets especially. 
  • POLISHING LEATHER – polishing comes when we talk about leather shoes. A good Polish is the only way to get your shoe surface shiny and smooth. Polishing can be done within one go and in a four-step way, first, get rid of unwanted dirt and particles. Second, apply the conditioner cream. Third, leave the shoes, and lastly, add the polish wax and you will see in a few minutes how it becomes shiny and brand new. All these steps also work for wallets and bags, not only shoes.
  • CONTROLLED TEMPERATURE – you need to be careful about storing your leather products. Avoid storing essentials at places with direct contact with the sun or places with humidity as it can affect your leather quality due to its sensitivity. And try to use cloth bags for storing your bag and shoes. Leather always needs some air to keep itself in shape. 
  • USE OF OLIVE OIL AND VINEGAR – vinegar and olive oil can turn out to be a good home remedy that you can use for the long life of your leather essentials. All you have to do is dip the oil (just 2-3 drops on the towel) and apply it to the stain or any dirt that you want to get rid of. And in the case of vinegar, just mix it with water in the right proportion and apply it to the leather surface and you will see the effect instantly. Just in case if you are dealing with some real dark stains, you can opt for lemon juice, as it is considered good in killing dark stains.
  • TO ALL THE GIRLS WHO STORE MAKE UP IN LEATHER BAGS – so here is for storing makeup, kindly check that all the caps and boxes are tightly shut, no product or lipstick is left on loose as a little mark on your leather bag will destroy the whole look and its inner surface will also be damaged. Even if you are carrying any loose item, pack it in a different cloth first then keep it inside the bag.
  • MAINTAIN THE SHAPE – if you want your leather to last long, you need to keep it in its actual shape. Use stuffing of cotton inside the jacket to keep it as it is, avoid making it crumbled. If you don’t want to use cotton, opt for any newspaper that will work too.

So these are the 7 secret techniques that will help you save your leather essentials in a good shape for years. The main thing that you need to be careful about is getting unwanted stains and keep your leather away from sharp objects.

Leather is a kind of stuff that will remain the same for years if taken care of properly and maintained regularly. The shine and smoothness of leather make the essentials look good. Millions of people recommend wearing leather in the winter season but fail to take care of it. So, follow these tips and save your leather!

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